Our Vision

  • To provide academic excellence
  • To built integrated personality
  • To impart quality education ensuring self-ability to choice vocation
  • To promote creative intelligence
  • To inculcate eco-friendly attitude


  • Providing quality education to the children.
  • Developing harmonious growth of the personality of the children trough variety of co-curricular activities.
  • Creating the environment to bring out the best among the teachers and students.
  • Adopt modern education techniques - external and internal accountability, effective leadership linkage with the local community.
  • Art in education programmes to provide opportunities for students to inculcate nationalistic values trough sharing and learning traditional skills and arts with the help of renowned traditional artists.
  • Built-in-mechanism of self-reliance, self-evaluation, character, rigour and discipline in academic pursuit.
  • Freedom of experimentation and innovation.
  • To promote national integration by providing opportunities to talented children, largely rural, form different parts of the country, to live and learn together and development their full potential.
  • To provide good quality modern education, including a strong component of culture, inculcation of values, awareness of the environment, adventure activities and physical education.
  • To ensure that all students of Navodaya Vidyalayas attain a reasonable level of competence in three languages as envisaged in the Three Language Formula viz. Hindi( 1st language) English ( 2nd Language) & Oriya ( 3rd Language) .
  • To serve, in each district, as focal points for improvement in quality of school education through sharing of experiences and facilities.