Social Useful Productive Work - Activities


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1.      Preparation of Study Material / Teaching aids.

2.      Preparation daily use items for School / Hostel like Hangers, Dusters, Chalks, Table Cloth Painting, Decorative Items and Greeting Cards etc.

3.      Repair of School Furniture, Electrical Gadgets, Garments of Children etc.

4.      Gardening.

5.      Preparation of Special Dishes for Mess.

6.      Maintenance of School Building.

  1. Cleanliness in the Campus.


Suggested Literacy Club Activities

            Educational Boards, Readers Club, Writers Forum of Vidyalaya Magazine, Monthly Bulletin, Hand Written in house Magazine, to take best use of Books, Magazines and Periodicals etc.


Pace Setting Activities in JNVs

AIM :-            Ensure best practice in the JNV on all fronts so as make it a Model School share the good practices facilities developed in JNVs for the benefit of population around / particularly in rural group setup. School may formulate their own schedule based on the suggestion given below :-


Educational Activities

Service Activities

Environment Related Activities

Health Related Activities

NVS Teachers to help rural school periodic visits, guest lectures etc. JNV PET / Music / Art Teacher to help in rural schools around Library, Sports Field, Computer Lab. etc. Open to neighbouring village school children in a planned way.

Social Service Programme link with rotary lions club good NGOs to take part in service oriented activities. Helping children for JNVST particularly in SC / ST / OBC Education of Girl Child  Population Programme.

Pollution control No. to use of plastic bags. Growing more trees. Good attitude towards animals cleanliness awareness Educating villagers against the use of cow dug cakes and fire woods.

Adopting villages for health related Programmes Dental / Eye / Leprosy Comp.  Sanitation drive plus other related Programmes against smoking, Tobacco Gutkha etc.


Adolescence Education Programme

This Programme is proposed to be conducted in nearby local schools, with help of a doctor, NGO & Block Medical Officer, along with the trained students of Class IX & XI of the Vidyalaya. Various problems of the students are to be discussed openly with the doctor regarding their Psychological & Physical changes. As adolescence are very curious about the changes and cannot discuss it with others because of hesitation. We believe that a healthy mind survive only in a healthy body.